Liverpool Carnival

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Liverpool Carnival

Postby Funderstruck » Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:10 pm

I was in Liverpool yesterday picking up a truck I had purchased to drive back to Brisbane. Right near where I brought the truck OCS had a carnival there, it finished the day before (Sunday 24th) I happened to see it from the air on Sunday afternoon as I flew into Sydney.

I pulled in and had a quick look as they were packing down to go to Fisher's Ghost.

From memory I saw:

Super Trooper
Big Wheel
Free Fall
Games etc

Was talking to one of the guys and sounds like Gary is working on the Rainbow and trying to get it on RES. Apparently work has been done and waiting on crack testing to be completed. He also said Gary may be looking at buying another Rainbow that is in a shed in the states to use as parts as they want the new bearings etc to put in when it all goes back together. All in all sounded very promising for the return in the near future of the Rainbow....fingers crossed.

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Re: Liverpool Carnival

Postby HUSSRAINBOW » Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:06 am

Possibly could be WADE's Rainbow, but that is amazing, Klinkerfuß also did that with Heide Parks Rainbow, took all the parts from it and now have converted the Millennium back into Rainbow.
We need to get onto the RES about Rainbow being accepted back into the Midway, here's hoping it's back, cos ill be no.1 in line to work for Garry on it!

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