5 things on how to improve the RAS

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5 things on how to improve the RAS

Postby Dazzleland » Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:36 pm

Since the Royal Adelaide Show is crowded and my mum gets tired of all the noise and walking, maybe the showgrounds could get some improvements which would include:
1) Showbags with more good stuff (e.g. food, drink, plushes) and less junk.
2) Vouchers for free or half-price entry to the showgrounds, rides, or both
3) A bigger ferris wheel (e.g. SkyView Wheel) to take Skymaster's place
4) A monorail for quicker trips.
5) A tramline extension to the Showgrounds that goes up Goodwood Road

Opinions Please!

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Re: 5 things on how to improve the RAS

Postby princess » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:00 pm

I prefer skymaster

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Re: 5 things on how to improve the RAS

Postby scorpionSA » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:02 pm

1) I agree the showbags do need to be better value, I still don't understand how they can charge the amount they do for some of them - it would be cheaper to go to the shop! But if you look around there are some that aren't too bad.
2) You can get discounted tickets to the show if you buy before hand, but if you really consider it, in some respects the entry is quite cheap. For example for the past few years they have had the League of Sideshow Superstars show, which you can go watch for free at several points during the day. This show was at the Adelaide Fringe this year and they wanted $20 for the show alone (the same as entry to the entire Royal Show). I understand this show has also been at the Melbourne Comedy Festival etc for a similair price as well. So just that one thing covers the entry ticket alone and then you have all the other free stuff as well.
3) How much business does the current Skymaster actually do? A bigger wheel would probably not be that economical. I can't imagine there were too many people on the Skymaster with some of the weather the show had for the first few days.
4) A monorail seems cool on the Simpsons, but reality is completely different. If you want to try the monorail, head on over to Darling Harbour in Sydney, I doubt you'll bother to catch it more than once (Feel free to correct me Princess and others).
5) The tramline already goes pretty close to the showgrounds, it would be less than a five minute walk if that to one of two entrances which are both about the same distance from the tramline. There is already a special bus service from the city that stops right outside the showground and some dedicated ones from the suburbs in place for the show as well as a special train station which stops right outside the showgrounds with a train every 15 mins. This in addition to the regular bus services (the showgrounds are on Goodwood Road which already has a 10 min bus frequency and I supect right more in the vicinity of the showground as some of the buses turn off there to go to Winston Avenue) and is also near Anazc Highway which is also another high frequency bus zone and the regular train service which has 2 stations again not even a 5 min walk from the showgrounds. The train system also has the advantage of starting at the central train station and therefore enabling people to transfer to it from the suburbs, which the tram system would not as it only goes to Glenelg and the Entertainment Centre.

My improvements would be around better value showbags, a cheaper entry (even though I say I think its fair, I still whinge about it) and a wider variety of carnival rides (some classic). Also I used to like all the little pokey halls that they have bulldozed over the years -never knew what you would find.

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