Pic Liverpool NSW late 70's-80's

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Pic Liverpool NSW late 70's-80's

Postby BL262000 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:05 pm

G'day all,

Came across a pic today in the famaly archives taken from the top of a slide along Macquarie street in Liverpool before the pedestrian mall was built in this part of the street. Most likely before the highway bypassed it but after the bigW and woolworths fire in 1972 when the Phoenix plaza was built on the right hand side. Of note I think is the RSL or services club in the ornate building on the left hand side.
A totally different scene now!

If anyone can provide some more details then please do.
by , on Flickr

There seems to be Cess Pattersons Ferrari 500 go carts and what could be a Trabant in the middle.


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