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Postby DEEFA DODGEM » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:00 am

Recently (7/11/14) listed on the "Used Rides.com"site-Ref#23483 was a Chance Turbo Ride listed for sale in China for U.S.$49 000. It was described as being imported from AUSTRALIA in 2001.It has had little use as it has mostly been in storage, has no rust, no oil leaks,new paint and last used in September 2014.This would have to be one of the last remaining working units of the 23 built from 1970-1976 left in the world which cost U.S.$75 000 new. Unfortunately it was sold within a day or two to Playland in Vancouver, Canada. Before it gets set up there, it will be going to Chance Rides for a complete, and probably costly, makeover to get open style tubs fitted and also a re-name! Although I believe on the ride I.D. Plate it is called:"TURBO" (correct me if I am wrong). Word has it,it should be up and running by 2016. Let's hope Bells' is up and going by then!

Also there were 2 sets of just Turbo tubs for sale on trailers.
Set 1 (20) listed on the 2/1/2015 for U.S.$10 000 in fair condition (that's an understatement in the picture) were SOLD.
Set 2 (20) with a seating capacity of 24?? listed on the 15/12/24 for U.S. $30 000 (no pictures) were still for sale!

Just leaves me with one question?.......if the carriages are for sale, where are all the trailers with the mechanical parts and arms?


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Postby Super Loops » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:42 pm

So they are going to butcher a classic ride, adding open seating due to safely reasons? AGGGGHHHH!! Makes me mad :x

The original CHANCE TURBO is a part of RIDE HISTORY and should be keep and restored as original, not changed. Keep her as she was, maybe add a simple sign like 'NOTE TO ALL TURBO RIDERS: HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE AS THIS RIDE IS DESIGNED TO KICK YOUR ASS".... something like that.

I hope to see BELLS TURBO once it's up and running (with the original cages please) one day soon.

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