Game Masters @ ACMI Review

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Game Masters @ ACMI Review

Postby Mixerholic » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:06 pm

I went to the Game Masters Exhibition today and I thought it was awesome. It was like being in a time machine in arcade form! I had a go of the original Donkey Kong and I absolutely suck at the game! I didn't even get past the first level :lol: There was also a cabinet featuring controllers of ALL of the consoles known to man! Also they had ALL of the handheld consoles too! I also played OutRun in the machine form and it was really cool because whenever I turned the machine also tilted. The hydraulics on the machine were surprisingly responsive! Also I played Fruit Ninja Kinect and the only way to play it properly is to wave your arms around like a retard! I got the chance to play Diablo 3...all I can say is Oh My God! Damn I gotta get a better computer :lol: There was a very awkward racing game on an iPad which was a real pain to play because the controls weren't very easy to figure out and it doesn't help having crappy handling! Another game I had a go at was Pac Man on an old arcade machine which was really cool. If any of you guys feel like going for a gaming trip through time then head over to ACMI in Federation Square and let out your inner nerd! Sorry I don't have any pictures because it was forbidden :x
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