Dreamworld Announces 56 Million Dollar Waterpark!

Dreamworld, Queensland, Australia
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Do You Think This Is A Good Idea for Dreamworld To Do This?

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Dreamworld Announces 56 Million Dollar Waterpark!

Post by Hurricane » Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:12 pm

Announcing the development today, Macquarie Leisure Trust Group Chairman Neil Balnaves said 'Dreamworld Water Park' would be a world class stand-alone water park forming part of the broader Dreamworld leisure precinct on Queensland's Gold Coast.

The water park will offer a range of new generation attractions never before seen in the Australian market, together with an expansive wave pool in a themed environment. It will also incorporate the latest environmentally friendly technology to ensure sustainable water management practices. It is estimated the filtration system will reduce annual water wastage from backwashing by 99 per cent when compared to traditional systems.

The development will be the first new Gold Coast theme park in 14 years, following the opening of Movie World in 1991. Over that time the Gold Coast has enjoyed outstanding tourism growth and substantial expansion of air transport capacity and tourism accommodation. In addition, South-East Queensland is now one of Australia's fastest growing population centres.

Macquarie Leisure Trust Group CEO Greg Shaw said the development was attractive for a number of reasons. "The water park development is an exceptional opportunity to enhance the Dreamworld business and deliver incremental profit to the Group while providing the Gold Coast with a unique tourism icon," he said.

A total of $56 million will be invested in the water park development, which will be known as Dreamworld Water Park. The new water park will be separate admission, though two-park passes will also be offered.

Wet'n'Wild Water World located several kilometres away has recently unveiled a $20 million expansion plan for the next year, with the first phase already operating.

Construction of Dreamworld Water Park will commence in January 2006, with an expected opening date of Mid-December 2006.
Source- www.roller-coaster.com.au

So What do you guys think about this water park? Do you think it will work out or become tacky? Post your thoughts and opinions here!

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Post by Mattie » Thu Dec 15, 2005 1:50 pm

Mixed thoughts on the new parks. Good and bad. With DW spending money on the water park, does that mean we are not going to see any new attractions (say another major roller coaster or thrill ride) for the next couple of years?

When I was first notified about the water park, it was going to be a part of Dreamworld until there was enough attractions for it to surfice on its own. Obviously they have changed their plan of attack and are adding more than they first planed.

Good thing is that the article states the water park will offer a range of new generation attractions never before seen in the Australian market. This I would like to see.

I wonder what the future steps for DW may be. Disconnect the animal areas from the park to make a "Animal Kingdom" theme park with rides based on animals. The Warner Village Theme Parks have a leg up over DW as they can advertise and market three theme parks plus the new Outback Spectacular all together. Hence DW is building a new sister theme park.

The future is going to be interesting guys. And I for one am looking forward to it. I just hope DW doesnt skimp out on thrill rides in order to make a separte new water park. Only time will tell.
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Post by Jmill326 » Sat Apr 15, 2006 11:13 am

It said that there will be seperate admission to the Water Park.. I spose they will probably make a MAP thingy for that too? Or mabye they will alow you to use your MAP to get into it.

I think it should be great but yeah, seeing is how this is so expensive I don't think we will be expecting anything new ie. Thill Rides etc.

Does anyone know what this water park will have to offer yet?

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Post by Will » Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:50 pm

Also mixed thoughts on the new water park! I am not sure how they are going to theme the park but i have a few ideas...maybe an aztek theme with temples and tropical rainforest...or they could go with the traditional thing and go with an ozzy theme simialr to wetnwild! not sure

i want to knwo what rides there building!!

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