100th Anniversary

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100th Anniversary

Post by Mixerholic » Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:18 pm

I went to the 100th Anniversary community day yesterday. I had a good time (surprisingly) Here's what I thought of the rides.

Spider: Made me nausiated! I prefer the Breakdance. Rode it once.

Enterprise: My favourite HUSS ride so far. It was nice and relaxing so I thought I'd have a casual snooze whilst in orbit. Honestly try it out. I wish that we still had the travelling model... rode it 3 times.

Crazy Coaster: It's a rough terror. If I were younger and shorter it may have been more fun. But I do like the new paint job. Rode it 3 times.

Power Surge: Best ride there! I used to hate this ride but when I rode it in the rain my opinion changed immediately. "The best water ride ever"- Me. I rode it 5 times.

G-Force: Demolish it. Rode once...never again!

Pharoah's Curse: Who needs thighs! Whoever is responsible for making this kamikaze needs a kick in the butt! Rode it twice.

Scenic Railway: I was lucky enough to be in the back seat. My knees did not appreciate it! It was a cool rollercoaster though. A bit rough and they were only running 1 train for the day :roll: Only rode once because they shut it down later in the day.

Carousel: Why not. It wasn't that exciting but I've never rode one so I can now say that I've finally mildly satisfied my inner child. Did it once.

All in all it was a good day out even though the place was chockers! Didn't bother with photos.
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