Mackay Show 2014

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Mackay Show 2014

Post by Steve07 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:24 pm

Hey guys the show will be on from 17th - 19th June this year and ill be attending the show on the first and second day of the show.
I have never attended this show before so this will be new to me, no idea where to park and no idea how big this show will be..

As while I was driving up to Mackay the other day I notice a lot of rides and vans and stuff camping at the Sarina showgrounds, do they stop there for a few days til the Mackay show is about to start or does Sarina have their show??

Anyway ill will update you when it gets closer to the show and will try to get some photos of the show and upload them after the show.!!

Posts: 234
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Re: Mackay Show 2014

Post by Steve07 » Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:10 pm

Hey Guys again sorry for the very late update and stuff. Anyway the show was great the first day was very quite because of school and work being on so not much in crowds during the day, same for the second day as well, rides were not doing so well in the day a few here and there but that's all, but at night it got a bit busier most rides were doing good loads then, it was a very cloudy cool day the first day at the show and it could of part of the cause that there wasn't many people.
Now day 2 was great, crowds were slightly up and it was a sunny clear warm day, some rides weren't going much because of crowds but as the afternoon and evening came it got a lot busier.
As you can see in the photos March's Big Whizzer is back and it looks good, had a paint job, took the lights off and its a lot more faster now, it does look good now I admit

Official ride list (Mackay Show 2014)
March's Big Whizzer
March's Jumbo Slide
Sea Circus
Magic Circus
Speed 2
Jungle Twist
Haunted Dark Ride
Hang Over
Freak Out
Sky Walker
Fun Slide
Gill's Ali Baba
Davis's Ali Baba
Sky Flyer
FJF's Expo Wheel
Sling Shot
Crazy Coaster (Spinning Coaster)
Space Roller
AirMaxx 360
DDS Wheel
3 Dodgems Cars
Midnight Express
Alpine Express
Break Dance
Maze Mirrors
Alien Abduction
9-D Cinema
Lots of Kiddie rides
Lots of Food joints
Lots of Games Stalls
16 Showbag Vans
Could of been 17 showbags vans but cant remember and I think that's all the rides..

Anyway the show was great and it was my first time being at this show and would so like to attend it again soon if I get time..

I also attended a little show before Mackay's one, its called Pioneer Valley Show its held in a small town called Finch Hatton, 1 hrs drive west of mackay, I thought it was going to be a small one but it turns out it wasn't that small, some major rides attended this show and a few others that I didn't know that would, this show is very popular for a 1 day show, I was told over 10,000 + people go to this show and being on a Sunday is probably why its great.
This show was held on Sunday 15th June 2014.
I have photos of this show and Mackay's Show on my page, the links are below this. Let us know what you think of these shows??

Pioneer Valley Show: ... h%20Hatton

Mackay Show: ... how%202014

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