Toowoomba Royal Show 2015

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Toowoomba Royal Show 2015

Post by Steve07 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 12:50 pm

Hey everyone well its that time of year that you see QLD shows start kicking off!
Ill be attending for the first time the Toowoomba show this year, the show goes from Thu 19 to Sat 21, ill be going on the last day of this show which is the Saturday, it will be good to see what shows up there, does anyone know what usually attends this show?

Ill be taking photos and videos of this show, so ill be uploading them to my photobucket page most likely next week sometime

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Re: Toowoomba Royal Show 2015

Post by Steve07 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:53 pm

Hey guys I have attended the show and it was a good show... The ride line-up wasn't too bad, they had a few good ones.
Most rides were doing great in numbers, dodgems were the popular rides, all march's rides looked really good, don't know to me if they had a paint or new lights, I did noticed they took off the sign off the top of the Jumbo slide.
I liked seeing some old favourites rides... been a while since I saw Rok N Roll, super trooper looked good.

Ride line up

March's Whizzer
March's Hurricane
March's Jumbo Slide
March's Sky Walker
Rok N Roll
Ferris Wheel
2 Dodgem Cars
Energy Storm
Gill's Ali Baba
Haunted House I think
fun factory I think
some jumping castles
water balls
kids rides and more

I have uploaded the photos to my page, the link is below this. ... how%202015

All and all I thought this show was great, had a great time there, will probably attend this again.

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Re: Toowoomba Royal Show 2015

Post by Hurricane » Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:48 pm

Energy storm is looking heaps better than it has in previous years! So glad to see they got rid of the tacky metallic paint job it had. The whole ride is looking nice and clean now. Also great to see that Trindall's have been looking after their gear even better than before too, Super Trooper is looking great now and looks very clean and the Cyber Party appears to have had a paint job (Decks, Fences, Cars and even a touch up on the backdrop)

You wouldn't tell by looking at it that it's over 25 years old! So good to see so many operators taking great pride in their gear!

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