Mackay Show 2015

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Mackay Show 2015

Post by Steve07 » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:22 pm

Well this years show was not as great as last years was, both the 1st and 2nd days were not busy at all, a few people but not many riders, the 2nd night and 3rd day was very busy, the 3rd day is a short day, everything finishes after 3pm.
This is the list of rides that attend that I can remember..
March's Jumbo Slide
March's Big Whizzer
Sea Circus
Sky Walker
Speed 2
Spinning Coaster
Alpine Express
DDS Wheel
Alien Abduction
Hang Over
The Avenger (NEW)
Space Roller
Gill's Ali Baba
Dark Ride
9-D Cinema
Shorts Crazy Cars Dodgems
Maze of Mirrors
Magic Circus
Sky Flyer
Nitro Dodgems
Big Willy Worm
Break Dance
Taylors Top Gear Dodgem Cars
Old style Dodgem Cars, (don't know who owns it)
Kiddie Rides and more

I also attended the Show Whitsunday (Proserpine Show), it was really good, lots of rides, didn't expect that many and good major ones as well.. Crowds were good here, most people did really well in trade. Hopefully ill get to attend these shows again next year.

If you like to see Mackay and Proserpine Shows photos, I have uploaded them to my page, the links are below this.

Mackay Show 2015 ... how%202015

Proserpine Show 2015 ... how%202015

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