Greetings from Europe!

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Greetings from Europe!

Post by HUSSRAINBOW » Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:49 am

Hey everyone, just thought I'd check in from Prague....
Just left Berlin and managed to find a month long small-ish carnival that was on...

Volksfest Berlin

Mondial Eclipse (Capriolo)
Huss Devil Rock (Flic Flac)
Huss Frisbee
Huss Break Dance
Huss Magic

There were other rides, will post the photos soon.

It was a ridiculously hot day, so only managed to ride Eclipse and Frisbee
Wow! I really wish we had a Capriolo in Australia, they operate soo much smoother and pack a much bigger punch, especially the free fall from up the top! Also loved the fact that we were locked upside-down entirely through the station! Fantastic!!

Also rode Frisbee, the crazy Pirate on steroids, it was fun up until the boat spun ridiculously fast at the end of the ride! It is absolutely insane! An awesome Huss Ride I wish we had here, the overall ride is massive, but sitting on it the boat is smaller than first thought.

I didn't get to ride Devil Rock but it will be at Hamburg DOM in a few weeks, so I can ride it there :-)

Next up is Fete Des Tuileries in Paris! Which we all know features Fleur's beautifully kept Huss Rainbow!
Will be uploading photos and videos as well from those.

Hope everyone is well


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