Universal Studios Singapore.

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Universal Studios Singapore.

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*Disclaimer – I didn’t have my camera with me, so I’ve pulled down a few photos from the Internet to give everyone an idea – hope this is ok…

Hi all – I was lucky enough to be in Singapore last week, and after a busy week of work found myself with half a day to kill on Thursday arvo.

Universal Studios has been open for more then a year now, but one of the signature attractions, Battlestar Galactica dueling coasters has been closed for nearly a year after experiencing seat / design issues. Call it fate, but my trip coincided with the recent re-opening of Battlestar – as a coaster nut I thought I would check things out.

Got there around noon, thinking that being mid-week it would be relatively quiet – HA! What I didn’t know was that is was a holiday week in Singapore and the queues were massive!!!

It was 72 Sing bucks to enter (around 50 Oz) - once inside, I noticed that they have boards around the park indicating wait times on rides:

Canopy Flyer – 55 mins
Battlestar Galactica – Cylon – 50 mins
Battlestar Galactica – Human – 35 mins
Treasure Hunters – 1 hour 5 mins
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure– 55 mins

The list went on,,,,

So I thought it was going to be a really slow day of lining up in queues, or a really quick day if I got fed-up and left.

I wandered to Revenge of the Mummy, and the wait time was 30 mins – thought what the hell – even the themeing of the queue line was hard to fathom – an underground labyrinth of what seemed 2 kms of line! Seemed like a lot longer than a 30 min wait – but OMG – that ride (an indoor coaster with EXTREME theming) was mind blowing!!!

I had noticed at the entrance to the ride, another line called “Universal Express”, so I wandered to guest relations to suss out. For another 48 bucks (Sing) the express pass entitles you to basically front of the line access to all rides / attractions in the park – the catch is you can only use it once per ride. But with limited time, I thought what the hell – it certainly speeded up the process.

With Express Pass in hand – over to the Canopy Flyer – kind of a roller coaster / chairlift hybrid with weird cars – 4 per car: 2 facing forward – 2 facing backwards.
canopy-flyer-universal-studios-singapore.jpg (29.09 KiB) Viewed 14407 times
Pretty cool, swinging out on the turns – not extreme, but a bit different and a lot of fun,

Next – to the Enchanted Airways Coaster – a junior coaster that was not worth people lining up for 55 mins – but thanks to the express pass – bypassed what seemed about 500 people in the queue!

Ok – getting the hang of the layout and when to use the pass….

Noticed that the Human side of Battlestar (red track) was down to 10 mins wait – raced over there and got on (must have been lunchtime) – speeds of 90kms an hour – and some good airtime – this trip was beginning to be a lot of fun!

Battlestar is neat in the sense that as you climb what you think is a traditional lift hill (with coasters side by side). They actually use Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) and about half way up when they kick in you accelerate rapidly and fly over the edge. Both Human and Cylon intertwine across the layout, at times that close you think they will crash (it’s that close, that you are measured for “tallness” in the queue – if you are taller than 6 feet, you can only sit in the inner seats – 4 to a row.
roller_coaster1-1024x731.jpg (165.8 KiB) Viewed 14407 times
Back to the Mummy – actually 3 different queues here: Express Pass, Single Rider (which I didn’t see 1st time on) and normal queue. This time I was ushered into single rider line – honestly the underground maze seems to take a 10 min walk just to get to the ride load! Again – ride blew my mind (And managed to take in more around me after the initial shock / delight of my 1st ride).

Ok – off to the Treasure Hunters – a rather lame jeep / car ride on track (think Old Fashioned cars at Dreamworld) but this was thru an Egyptian landscape. I kind of felt guilty here – the normal line was one hour and 5 mins wait time – express pass – straight to the front. The poor Parents queuing for over an hour would have been pretty pizz’d at waiting so long for this.

Back to Battlestar Human – wait time had increased to 35 mins, so out with the Express Pass. Again, loved it.

Mummy for the 3rd time (with express pass) – I will never get sick of this ride…..

Got in Shrek in the 4th dimension (think Movieworld Shrek show), and an AMAZING back-lot special effects stage show.

Ok – time is running out – need to fly out that night,,,, 2 things left on my key things to do….

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – WTF? Ride experiencing technical difficulties (it was open earlier) – never got on (although I have ridden a similar ride at Universal Studios in the US, so wasn’t that disappointed (and apparently you do get completely soaked)

And then finally,,,,,

Battlestar Galactica – Cylon (blue track),,,,,,,, This was the reason I came here, but now doubts were entering my mind,,,

I’m not as young as I used to be
This looks fn terrifying
What if I have a heart-attack and die mid-ride?

With Express Pass in nervous and sweaty palm, I thought it’s now or never – straight to the front of the line….
The Cylon side of the coaster is similar to Lethal Weapon at Movieworld – legs dangling, inversions, loops, and some serious speed. (but without the head banging pain).
Absolutely mind blowing – I was shaking / laughing / but didn’t die – which was a good thing! (I carefully avoided stepping over the pools of chunder from previous ride occupants as I exited the ride)
IMG_2011_03_01_16_49_23_06659.jpg (31.32 KiB) Viewed 14407 times
Summary – Awesome Awesome Awesome Park. With new attractions to open later this year (Madagascar the Crate Ride which opens soon has to be seen to be believed with it’s theming and size) – this park is a must do!


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Re: Universal Studios Singapore.

Post by princess »

One of the best reviews ever, its hard to laugh at 6.30am, but I was, very funny glad you had a great day and that you shared :lol:
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Re: Universal Studios Singapore.

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agreed, very thorough and easy to read!

Yes you can't beat the way some of those Asian parks are run - plentiful staff, and leading-edge rides by the sound of it. I rode The Mummy ride at Universal Hollywood a couple years ago - was a great dark-ride coaster experience.
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Re: Universal Studios Singapore.

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Oh - and the thing I forgot to mention (which is a kind of weird and also nice thing that occurs at most Asian theme parks,,,)

They clap when you return to the loading station,,,,


I always wondered, is that:

- politeness?
- glad you didn't die mid-ride?
- or just we appreciate you taking time out to experience our theme park - come again..

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