Sea Viper (Corkscrew) Officially closed

Sea World, Queensland, Australia
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Sea Viper (Corkscrew) Officially closed

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So, as many people may or may not have been aware. Sea World's Sea Viper / Corkscrew RollerCoaster has been decommissioned after 32 years of operation. Early in 2012 they found hundreds of hairline fractures in the track, and was closed for several months for repairs. Earlier this year the attraction shut down again with similar problems but eventually management decided it was time to let the Corkscrew rest in peace. It's the end of an era for the Gold Coast park, and this is the official statement from the park
"Sea Viper is being retired after bringing thrills to Sea World’s guests for 32 years. Sea Viper has been a wonderful attraction but there comes a time when all rides need to retire.

Sea World is constantly looking at new attractions like the $21M Storm Coaster which opened in December and there are several new and exciting options in the pipeline.

Our theme parks are ever changing to ensure we continue to bring you, our guests, the best possible theme park experience possible."
It will be interesting to see what the park does now as they have a very large amount of land once the coaster is demolished, along with the pirate ship and the reclaimed land.
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