My October Family Holiday

Warner Bros Movie World, Queensland, Australia
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My October Family Holiday

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Hi all,

Well finally my long awaited leave has arrived, and I have towed my family up to the Gold Coast. My plan of course was to ride kiddie rides at SeaWorld with my 4 and 2 year olds girls,,, but also hoping that I could get a "JDO" (Jaffa Day Off), and go roller-coastering to my hearts content on my own,,,
Anyway, I managed to do a "solo" trip and decided on Movieworld....Strange choice you may ask - well I haven't been there in over 10 years, and had never seen Superman the Esacpe, or Scooby-Doo coaster, so I thought I'd give it a go. I had been to Dreamworld (again solo) about 2 years ago - Cyclone was ok, but with Motorcoaster not getting rave reviews, and Eureka now gone - I thought Movieworld was the choice.

Anyway - quick review....

Scooby Coaster: V nice, although animatronics / sound seemed to be not right on queue. Also, the lift played up a couple of time on ascent. But quite intense the 1st time (not knowing what to expect), but enjoyed it (4 rides)

Lethal Weapon: OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!! Hadn't ridden this for years - the 1st time on, I thought I would spend the rest of my holidays at the chiropractor!. Then I remembered some advice someone posted here, and held my head firm on one side and braced like hell - a definate improvement. Still loved it overall thought -cant beat speed, loops, and twists - despite migraine!. (BTW - waiting for my 3rd ride - the ride stopped so cleaners could come and clean blood off seat. A poor girl with dangly ear-rings got one caught, and caused herself an injury - riders with dangly ear-rings beware!!!) ((3 rides))

Superman The Escape - what can I say - absolutely brilliant. Loved the forces / hang-time / etc. If I had of been at the park longer, would have ridden it more.... (3 rides)

And the obligatory soaking on Wild West Falls a couple of times, just to keep me cool on a hot day!

Anyway - it was a blast - despite quizzical looks of teenagers as I boarded the rides solo (probably due to greying hair), I loved it!!!

As a side note - the scheduled trip to Seaworld in a few days time is now off - we are now going to Dreamworld instead,,,,Reviews and reasons to follow in seperate posts...


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Glad you had a great time. Good review. I've never been to Movie World. I'll have to get there soon
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Thanks for That Jaffa! Glad u had a good time. When I went to the Gold Coast and went on all the roller coasters, I had to keep my head to one side to it stoped hitting the harness the worst rides for this was Dreamworlds Cyclone + Sea Worlds Corkscrew!

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Great Review, I always enjoy a review that can make me giggle, the blood line was very funny, :lol: (not for the poor girl of course)
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Ah, I just remember when I worked there at christmas. I cut myself at work and was in first aid. And someone came of Lethal with "Whiplash" and was on the phone to her lawyers wanting to sue the park! I couldn't help but chuckle.

Now... Remember Folks "Passengers ride at their own risk"
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